Works from the  American Time  series 2010-2018

Works from the American Time series 2010-2018


American Time

First Initiated during a residency at Ucross in Wyoming beginning in 2010, the American Time series presents the intersection of dense Asian cultural and architectural motifs with the illuminated open expansiveness of the American West. 

Concerned with blurring notions of physical place and culture, the works eschew an invitation into illusionistic space. Instead, they strive to make the viewer aware of her/himself in relation to a physical vibration of pattern and color with shimmering pearlescent and saturated neon colors simultaneously drawn from OSHA industrial safety colors and the intense symbolic hues of Asian religious traditions. 

Further obscuring issues of place and culture, the works are titled after remote western towns, such as Quartz Site or Diamondville, names bearing their own palimpsests, oral histories and varied provenances of origin. Irradiated by an unrelenting desert sun, disparate worlds are linked and questioned, one’s place in the world is both established and dislodged.