No Fixed Point , oil and enamel on canvas, 52 x 60"

No Fixed Point, oil and enamel on canvas, 52 x 60"



Paintings in the gameSpace series draw inspiration from Buddhism, nature, Islamic architecture and industry. Partly schematic, partly metaphoric, the paintings incorporate a complex amalgam of archetypal organic plant forms juxtaposed with repetitive patterns extracted from architecture and surface textures of industrial materials. As a personal, spiritual take on the anonymity of geometry, the repetitive patterns are transformed into a "physical mantra" by processes of accretion and layering, combining both digital technology and various traditional printmaking processes.

Nature as both inspiration and eclipser of culture continues as a theme for Lanzetta. Paralleling a journey into a virtual world, the line between reality and imagination is bridged as benign houseplants, transformed into large, impos­ing silhouettes, challenge for supremacy against a celebratory palette of spiri­tual symbolism. Saturated, neon orange, pink, yellow and red remain firmly rooted in the intense, devotional experience of many of the world's great reli­gious traditions.

Through the often literary, spiritual or nature-inspired titles a wide range of associations are invoked. A poetic, but accessible understanding of the emotive powers imbedded in pattern and nature, through memory and associ­ation, results.