Some Worlds installation 96” x 132” acrylic ink/silver mica on cotton rag


Some Worlds

Some Worlds: A personal lexicon of physical responses to place: a palimpsest of patterns sourced from areas of the world where the artist has lived in the last 30 years. Fusing the decorative with the fine arts, oppositions fuel the works.  The organic wrestles with Islamic geometry; European sensibility with Asian/Middle Eastern exuberant opulence.  Unregistered silkscreened works contrast digital pixilation with references to one of its ancient precursors: hand-tied carpets.

 Some Worlds shimmer with mica-infused metallic surfaces. Palimpsests of unregistered screen prints wrestle against precise, systematic striping. Homage to modernist painting traditions such as the grid, the monochromatic, and op art also inform the work.